Friday, September 3, 2010

Return to Skull Mountain

Last night's play of the Castle Ravenloft board game has left me hungering to run an old school dungeon campaign.  Sure, I've run some one shots for cons and things here and there, but it's been awhile since I ran an honest to goodness dungeoneering campaign.  The obvious candidate for rules would be Labyrinth Lord  with the Advanced Edition Companion. (Not merely because I helped illustrate them, but because they are really good rules!)  The obvious setting?  You might garner a clue from the illustration above: Skull Mountain!

I ran my players through a crawl in another version of Skull Mountain, also by Jeff Sparks, about 5 years ago now.  And every now and again, my players will still comment about something that happened in that game (usually to do with owlbears..) with a sound of fondness in their voices.  So, the new version of this classic dungeon sounds like it will fit the bill nicely!  And, I might have drawn something for this too….but it still has nothing to do with that!  I am not a shill!  (I'm not!)

Right now, our groups rpg activities have been on hold as various members (usually me) have been absent from one time or another,but when we have been playing we've been having an awesome time with Steve Kenson's Icons (which I will rave on about at a later time) in the Marvel Universe.  So, I'm in no hurry to start up a new campaign, because I'm having fun with that.  But when a need for a new game emerges, the call of the dungeon will once again cry out!

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