Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Traitor

Today was the GAMES! Event at the Blair Ridge Baptist Church, which is always a fun time.  I had a chance to play the Ninja Burger card game, Command & Colors: Ancients and Shadows Over Camelot.

The last is always a mixed bag for me when I play it.  I am a big fan of cooperative games, where all the players are trying to beat the game and not each other.  Lord of the Rings, Arkham Horror, even the new Ravenloft game are all a lot of fun for me, as the group has to pitch in with their resources and strategy.

Shadows pales a bit for me, and to a greater extent the Battlestar Galactica game, because of the Traitor.  In these games, one (or possibly more) players may secretly be working against the group.  A lot of people enjoy the extra level of challenge and suspicion this adds. (Did he use that card up this early for a good reason, or is he the traitor??)  I, however, do not.  This mechanic just feels like the D&D thief who steals from his own group to me.  Plus these games are already hard enough to play without having to add someone actually working against you!

This is just my opinion.  What do you think?  Do you enjoy/dislike traitor mechanics?  Why?

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